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Commercial Work
Contemporary Creative’s artistry and technical skill extends to helping businesses build their brand and increase their client base. Using techniques such as social media and search engine optimization we are able to get our clients seen and talked about on the web.

Ebay Classifieds Verde
Ebay Classifieds commercial Verde iPad App Demo
Smart Scoot Westin St Francis
Smart Scoot Product Feature Westin St Francis Welcome Video
Four Seasons Punta Mita Tesori
Four Seasons Punta Mita Feature Tesori Feature


"The video package produced for Middlewest Fest has been an incredible asset in spreading word on the festival and developing sponsorship and partnership opportunities for the event."
-John Ugolini, Director, Middlewest Fest

Contemporary Creative helps organizations maximize the value of their events by creating compelling video stories and images. Every event has a story and Contemporary Creative turns it into an entertaining and engaging marketing tool. Our work has helped organizations:
- Market future events.
- Increase their website traffic and social media interactions.
- Document and review their events.
- Gain recognition for their sponsors and participants.

Blue Plate Open House Quartino
Blue Plate Open House Quartino Wine Bash
Tech Target CIO360 Tech Target CIO360
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Music Videos

"The final piece served as an excellent manifestation of everything we'd set out to do in the first place. Very impressive!"
Matt Priest, lead singer, Canasta

Contemporary Creative's love and understanding of music allows us to produce singular music videos.  These videos push the limits of the form, while putting forth the artists goals for their work.  Contemporary Creative's videos have helped artists gain recognition and fans, and given the artist a superior marketing tool.  Our videos have appeared at the following festivals:

Illinois International Film Festival Chicago International REEL Shorts Festival
Lake County Film Festival Gorton Film Festival
DC Independant Film Festival Midwest Independent Film Festival

The Average Greys Canasta
The Average Greys Canasta

Contemporary Creative brings the same truth, humor, and passion to it's narritive projects that it does to everything else. From comedy shorts with some of Chicago's best improv actors, to documentaries exploring street musicians, Contemporary Creative continues to produce great narrative work.

Music In The Air The Sandy Hoffman Incident
Music In The Air The Sandy Hoffman Incident